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Star spangled and starting up again......

As we passed out our most popular flag hats at our hometown parade yesterday, the number one question was do you have a website? It is such a simple yes or no question but man, each time it was asked I couldn't decipher whether baby boy 5 was kicking or my nerves were going off from defeat. I started this website last year early summer but when our 4th son Buyan ended up in the hospital for almost a month, I found myself refunding orders and telling all of our helpers we were done for a while. It's absolutely crazy how in one instance your priorities align and for me, my dreams of growing our shop were just done. Like any mom, I prayed and begged and said I would give up everything I wanted if he would be okay. Lucky for our family the prayers were answered, and he began the slow recovery to being the energetic, crazy two-year-old he is today. As he continued to improve and our family healed, we slowly started taking orders again.

For some reason though, the website side of things never seemed to happen for me. I always wanted to start it up but man, the thought of having spare time to talk about how we make the things, run our shop and juggle life just hasn't happened until.... today. No it isn't because I finally have the "free time" but, I am hoping someone will read this and be able to push thru whatever mountains of laundry to fold, grocery list to finish, and workload to complete. This stage of life is hard mama, but you can handle it and do so with more grace than you know:)

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